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This site is designed to help anyone who suffers from dry lips, cracked lips or chapped lips, including a whole range of other problems. I have assembled this information to aid sufferers of lip conditions after I myself had problems when travelling in a gap year. I just couldn’t understand why I had the same problem when I was in opposite types of countries; hot and dry, cold and wet. Eventually I happened across some information to help me and with this new found information came a little obsession, which ended up turning to this site.

I hope you find this website of help to you fix with your dry lips with my tips for lips, anyways lets get to it! Please select from the one of the below, each has a collection of articles based on that problem.

Dry Lips 1

About Dry Lips

I hate having dry lips. Our lips are an important feature of the face and therefore affect how others perceive us, this in turn alters our self esteem and well being. Having beautiful, plump lips can be a major confidence boost… and help us attract members of the opposite sex. When the lips are neglected […]
Angular Cheilitis

What is Cheilitis?

If your lips become sore and inflamed then the medical condition associated with this is called cheilitis. You can usually tell if you have this, it is far more severe than cracked lips and typical symptoms include: Swollen painful lips. Cracked lips that are red and inflamed. Lips can have a burning sensation and are […]
EOS Lip balm

What is the Best Lip Balm?

Every blogger and their mother have a list of “Top 5” something or other but after careful consideration I have decided to share with you my Top 5 Best Lip Balms. Now when I say best, I mean the ones that work for me. I understand everyone has their own preferences, and some people are […]
Chapped Lips

Do you have Chapped Lips?

Many people out there would have heard of the term chapped or chapping of the lips and assume it is the same as having dry, sore or cracked lips however this is not necessarily true so here I will try and define chapping of the lips and give the differences compared to other lip related […]