woman-692798_1280-228 Days to A More Radiant, Recharged & Lighter You

Rejuvenate is an eBook diet and lifestyle program with a holistic approach. It teaches and provides the tools you need to start creating your own path to wellness and longevity.

• Increase energy, regain vitality and lose weight
• Improve digestion, reduce inflammation and balance hormones
• 200 pages of wellness know-how, anti-aging meal plans & recipes
• Access to instant eBook download for multiple devices
• Bonus seasonal food chart
• 7 days money back guarantee

Is this book for you?

• Are you sick getting through the day fuelled by coffee and low fat foods?
• Do you want to learn what might be contributing to premature aging?
• Are you are sick of feeling bloated and tired?
• Do you want healthy meals that are not boring and don’t leave you hungry?
• Do you clearer skin and shiny hair?
• Do you want real, long lasting health and radiance?

Need a little spring clean? To shed a couple of unwanted kilos or simply get more energy and vitality? What if you had the tools and guidance to run your own little ‘health retreat’ at home! A program written by experts in their fields who believe you should achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle through knowledge, a positive attitude and a flexible approach. That’s why we created this rejuvenation program.

As well as cleansing and recharging, we wanted to address the aging process. You can’t ‘turn off’ the age clock but you can certainly slow it down!  We don’t believe in quick fixes and gimmick products and instead focus on your whole health and nourishing the body down to the cellular level to produce long lasting results.

This program is for anyone who wants to understand how the little things add up to play a massive role in creating a more vibrant you.

A quick peak into the programdessert-526599_1280

As well as over 50 pages of wellness knowledge, you will receive beautifully set out, easy to use four week menu plans with delicious anti-aging recipes, healthy treats and snacks options.

We’ve also included the most effective anti-aging, gut healing supplements, shopping list guides, preparation tips and everything you will need to be primed and ready to go!

And because we also live in real world and sometimes things just don’t go according to plan, we’ve devised a guide to eating out and quick and easy ‘swap options’ from your local supermarket if you don’t have time to cook.

This is a complete package for you to learn how to treat your body with love and nourish it with amazing food to feel more radiant, recharged and younger!