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beautiful-15692_640“Hi, I’m Valerie but I prefer Val!

Having travelled through cold dry climates and hot environments as a student I realised that my lips dried out quicker than the rest of my skin. Lip balm is important for lip health but other factors can be at play. This is the collection of my knowledge on the subject. Hope it helps.”

TipsforLips.com is an information site based on the owners experiences and is not guaranteed to be correct, we do however stride for excellence and appreciate any corrections.

TipsforLips.com is a website with the sole intention to provide useful tips and help to people who suffer with dry, cracked and chapped lips. The information provided on this website is to help people and has been well researched by myself and not outsourced. Information provided includes tips, tricks to help with cracked lips, facts about various products on the market to allow people to make informed decisions.

All opinions on this website are those of the owner and subject to the readers interpretation.

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