Beeswax or Petroleum Jelly Lip Balm?

If you have dry or chapped lips then winter isn’t the best time of year for you, it can result in misery and pain. As you reach for your favourite lip balm make sure its the right choice. If you have cracked, chapped or dry lips then you need to be picky about what products you use so you don’t make the problem worse. There are two main contenders in the field, Beeswax and Petroleum jelly.


This is an 100% organic product made by honey bees as part of the hive making process and has been used by mankind for many centuries as balms and salves. You apply a thick layer of the wax to your lips and it will create a seal retaining the moisture of your lips and stop them from drying out.
Unfortunately in recent years the honey bee population as declined dramatically and therefore Beeswax could become rare causing the price to increase (even more). This product could eventually cease to exist.

Petroleum Jelly
The fact that this product has been used on lips since the late 1870’s proves that it is useful as a salve for dry skin. As with beeswax, it is applied to seal in moisture and to protect any cracks or sores from infection, dirt and bacteria.
However, Petroleum is a non-renewable resource and could become contaminated. Caution should be taken if applying too much to the lips as ingestion can lead to a bad stomach and even diarrhoea.

Still not convinced? Read below!

According to Lauren D. Ragland

“White petroleum jelly (petrolatum) is a cheap product known to cause cancer. It is practically unregulated. Neither the raw material petrolatum, nor the final products are checked for harmful ingredients in the United States. The product is banned for use in cosmetics in both the European Union and Canada – but no, not in America.” (–Beware-of-fossil-fuel-on-your-skin.html?nav=5012)


So which to choose?
Ultimately the choice is yours.
I personally choose Beeswax every time. Its not that Petroleum Jelly doesn’t have its merits and obvious uses, but I just prefer organic products.

Things to Consider when shopping for Lip Balm.

  • Always check the seal of approval to make sure its approved by an independent governing body and does not have the word “Green” or “Organic” on the label just as a marketing ploy.
  • Read the ingredients label to make sure there is nothing you are allergic to, the last thing you want it to irritate your lips further.
  • If you find yourself short and need something to soothe your lips, try organic cooking oils like Extra Virgin Olive, Canola or Corn Oils. The bonus is knowing this is safe for consumption, unless you are allergic to it.

Overall either product (beeswax or petroleum jelly based) will be beneficial for use on dry, chapped or cracked lips. Beeswax is the obvious choice if you want to use a natural organic product. However, if your on a tight budget then petroleum jelly is generally the cheaper option.