What is the Best Lip Balm?

Every blogger and their mother have a list of “Top 5” something or other but after careful consideration I have decided to share with you my Top 5 Best Lip Balms. Now when I say best, I mean the ones that work for me. I understand everyone has their own preferences, and some people are only out there to make money promoting a specific product, I do not do this.


No. 5- Carmex Lip BalmsTop 5 Best Lip Balms

Carmex are a well established brand of lip balm that has been around for many year and is highly rated by users. Coming with an SPF factor of 15 and available in various falbvours like mint and cherry, this mostly organic lip balm does help protect from harsh weather conditions, although to me it seems a bit too think and gloopy when applied in a rush.


No. 4- Lypsyl Lip BalmLypsyl

An oldie but a goodie, Lypsyl has been around for many many years and has some great ingredients like Shea Butter and Jojo Oil. Available in a variety of flavours and SPF factors, you can always rely on Lypsyl to be available at any shop across the world.


No. 3- Lip Smacker Lip BalmsLip Smackers

I am not normally one to be pulled in by hype but the Lip Smacker’s range seems to appeal to the largest market, teenagers! The have a staggering 147 flavours as far as I am aware and there is a myriad of flavours from Peach Stardust, Pacific Pineapple-Kiwi to the likes of Lunar Lime and Strawberry Cheesecake! For a full list check out the List of Lip Smacker Flavours. Thankfully Lip Smackers are not ignorant and also produce various SPF factors to their products also, protecting lips from sunlight.


No. 2- EOS Lip BalmsEOS Lip balm

EOS (Evolution Of Smooth) have really come out with a decent product, priding themselves on being 95% organic and petroleum and paraben free and loaded with antioxidants to keep your lips smooth. There is a mind boggling array of flavours to choose from including Strawberry Sorbet, Tangerine, Sweet Mint among a few. Obviously one big thing that EOS have in their favour also is the design of their lip balms, completely different to anything else on the market today.

… Cue Drumroll….!!

No. 1- Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip BalmBurts Bees BeesWax

Burts is my favourite product on the market and has been for many years, I love that it is organic and beeswax is just performs so well at protecting the lips from harsh weather conditions. Recently Burt’s have released various types including Acai berry, Honey, Mango, Pomegranate and many more, they have even produced some which are tinted as well. I also appreciate they have added SPF factors to various products also which helps protect sensitive lips from the sun.


All these products have performed well and each has their own unique selling point and all of these products can easily be picked up from your local store or online.

As you may had noticed there is distinct lack of Vaseline and other petroleum jelly products and this is for good reason. I encourage you to read this article about Beeswax vs Petroleum Jelly.