Dry Skin on Lips

Our skin is an amazing thing; it regulates our temperature, protects us from germs and holds us together! However, when skin dries out it can become very irritating, unsightly and sometimes even painful, especially is it’s dry skin on your lips. Environmental factors are the main cause of a drying out of skin and this includes the lips; however, our diet can also play large role in skin health and help you avoid dry lips.

What Causes Dry Skin?
During winter the humidity can drop below 45% relative humidity and this can be very tough on skin. This is especially evident with the lips which can be prone to drying out and cracking under these conditions. Other factors that can cause a drying out of the skin include; extreme heat, sun exposure, windy conditions and even being in an air conditioned climate. There are also various medical conditions that also cause dry skin and drying of the lips.

Having a healthy and balance diet, combined with a healthy lifestyle, can attribute heavily to the quality and the health of your skin. B-Vitamins are especially important for the prevention of skin disorders, Vitamin-C increases collagen production and Vitamin-A is useful for overall skin health.

Omega-3 fatty acids are also known to have anti-inflammatory properties and this can help with skin dryness.

Chapped LipsSummary

Foods high in protein such as fish, beans and poultry are especially useful for sun related skin dryness. Berries, citrus fruits and leafy greens are antioxidants and are good for keeping your skin healthy. Omega-3 acids from fish or flax seeds and keeping well hydrated are all important steps to maintain smooth supple skin.
Things to avoid (which dry out the skin) include salt, low nutrient foods such as crisps and candy. Alcohol and Caffeine based products, such as drinks like coffee, are also bad for your skin as they dehydrate you.

Overall, dry skin can be caused by harsh environmental and weather conditions and if these can’t be avoided then measures should be taken to reduce the impacts. This can be achieved through the use of lip balms and moisturisers. Another key factor which can affect skin hydration is diet. A good, healthy and well balanced diet, which includes vitamins such as A and C, will ensure healthy skin. Omega-3 acids and drinking plenty of water will go a long way in hydrating dry skin and dry lips. This will help during times of tough weather conditions. If you follow a healthy diet and avoid environmental factors that cause dry skin you should be able to control the occurrence of cracked lips which may be painful or unsightly.

However if the worst happens and you do end up with chapped lips then there are measures that can be taken to reduce the physical appearance, invest in a good lip balm and use a sugar scrub to exfoliate the dead skin off. Further information on a easy, cheap DIY scrub can be found here.

Image Credit- Jeffrey Dorfman