Exfoliate Dry Lips

If you have dry lips but are after smooth lips then you need to exfoliate them, this can be done using a commercially bought product or making a homemade sugar scrub like the one in my recipe. Either way you need to know how to exfoliate lips. Scouring the internet for information on exfoliation led me to some excellent resources and one of them is the below video which is also available directly on YouTube.

Krystle does an excellent job in explaining how to remove the dry dead skin cells from your lips when they are dry and flakey. The use of a sugar scrub or another exfoliator comes in handy.  Sometimes this may grow back in the same way and is know as Exfoliative Cheilitis. This is when your lips are cracked, flakey, sore and very painful. It is recommended that you visit your GP if the condition does not clear up by itself.

All credit goes to Krystle. Please visit her YouTube channel!