How to get Kissable Lips

What are kissable lips? Well they can be plump lips, well moisturised and desirable lips. They can also be the lips attached to your loved one. Having dry, cracked and chapped lips can dampen even the most romantic of situations so it is important to know about lip care. Dry lips can be caused by dry air, low humidity, strong wind and sunlight. Remaining hydrated is the first step to having the kissable lips you desire, the second and as important step is a healthy lifestyle including a well balanced diet. Use a lip balm or lipstick to protect the lips from the elements, especially sunlight. Studies have shown that men are more far likely to get cancer of the lips due to the lack of protection from sunlight.

Note for Men- Wear mens lip balm and protect your lips from the harsh UV rays of the sun.

KissTo get the smooth kissable lips every girl wants, exfoliate the lips gently with a soft toothbrush and your favourite lip balm. Work in small circular motions across the lips until the dry skin flakes off, this should only take a few minutes. Small amounts of fine sugar and water can also be used in the same way or you could always buy a grainy polish and work across the lips in the same way to remove the dead skin. Check out my other article here on how to make a DIY lip sugar scrub.

Do not forget bad breath can destroy the moment also, so avoid smoking around him/her at all costs and make sure you have a breath mint to hand to ensure that spontaneous moments goes fabulously.

I found this video by missglamorazzi and she knows her stuff about kissable lips!

All credits go to missglamorazzi. I hope this helped increase your knowledge of lip care.