Protecting Your Lips in Winter

So winter is coming and most people embrace the cold dry air happily as a break from sticky warmth of summer; however, when the temperature drops the humidity does also and consequently your lips could dry out!

In the cold dry air of snow and winter, there are many things you can do to protect your lips from the harsh elements and you should… no one wants to be kissed with dry flaking lips right?! Below are my tips to protect you from the coldness:

  • If you are wearing a scarf then pull it over your mouth and capture the moisture from your breath. This will stop moisture leaving your lips and also keep your face warm. If in need, pull your top over your mouth and breath inside you top, at least it will keep the moisture in.
  • As an alternative to the scarf you can cluster yours hands as shown in the pictures, bring them together in front of your mouth to collect your exhaled air, it will warm your hands and face.
  • Apply a heavy duty, or at least a heavy layer, of lip balm to your lips to keep them from evaporating in the cold. If you have nothing else then slather on lip gloss or else you may have to deal with dry lips the next day!Winter Lips
  • The golden rule is DO NOT LICK YOUR LIPS!!! This is possibly the worst thing you can do to you lips if they seem dry or chapped. You’d may choose a lip balm that appeals to you and could taste nice but it’s better served protecting your lips.
  • Keeping hydrated is one of the best ways to avoid your lips from drying out, drink plenty of water and don’t allow yourself to get too hot.

Winter is great fun and if you are privileged enough to go out and play in some snow then you should consider the tips listed above. You will be out in the snow which is ice and typically is surprisingly quite dry. This will cause your lips to dry out especially if you are not wearing a balm.

What are your tips for keeping your lips safe during winter? I’d love to hear.