What to do when you have no lip balm

Have you ever been caught short when out and about; discover your lips are drying out and you realise you have no lip balm? There are a few ways to ensure your lips don’t dry too much until you can get to your favourite organic lip balm.

  • If you have access to milk, apply a little to your lips using a soft cloth or clean fingers, allow to sit for 30 seconds and then wash off.
  • You can also do the same with honey, although it could be slightly messier and sticky. Just dab onto your lips with a clean finger, leave for 30 second to a few minutes and then wash off. Do not lick it off, as tempting as it may be!
  • The human body produces natural oils and these can be used in emergencies. The side of your nose produces a natural oil called Squalene and you can rub a clean finger on the side of your nose and utilise this oil and apply it to your lips.
  • Cooking oils like olive oil, almond oil and sunflower oil are also a fantastic way to protect your lips when you don’t have your trusty lip balm to hand.


The thing not to do is lick your lips, this is a big NO NO! The saliva will just evaporate drying your lips out more, the same applies to water also and I wouldn’t advise using sunscreen (unless specifically designed for lips) or lipstick as this does not protect your lips at all.

Also never borrow a lip balm from a friend. If they choose to give you a balm then you have some choices. Never accept a used pot of lip balm because dipping fingers in to the pot can add germs and bacteria to the balm. If you are offered a pre used stick then you could, at your own risk, chop the used end off with a knife (be careful!) and then apply the fresh part to your lips as a temporary measure.

What other tips and tricks do you know of when you forget your lip balm?