Real Men Wear Lip Balm

Yes you read the title correctly, real men should wear lip balm and for some very good reasons. However most men seem to be ignorant of this, but why? Men are very stubborn creatures and will often shy away from anything that looks too “effeminate” and unfortunately lip balm definitely seems to fall into this category. Therefore most men wouldn’t even consider wearing lip balm, but they should. It provides essential uv protection and helps with general lip care. Men need to been shown the many benefits that lip balm can provide and know what products are out there that are specially catered to their specific needs.

So lets start off by discussing the benefits that a decent lip balm can provide men with.

Many men work outdoors in all types of weather and they often forget to protect themselves from the sun. The scary fact is studies have shown that men are at a higher risk of getting skin cancer on their lips. Maybe this could be due to the extreme effects of UV radiation and how thin the skin is on the lips. Overall cancer of the lips is a rare condition so there is no need to get too worked up about it (the normal risk is about 1 in 100,000) but a decent lip balm with a suitable SPF factor is essential to protect the lips and your man.

Real Men Wear Lip Balm

Obviously harsh weather conditions like cold dry air of winter and strong winds can easily dry out any unprotected lips also, regardless of gender. A good lip balm can help counteract the damage caused by such weather conditions.

Even the white collar worker has his environment to contend with as most offices these days have air conditioning units running at full blast, stripping the humidity out of the air. This can lead to drying of the lips in the first instance. If this is then combined with large amounts of caffeine dehydration can easily occur which then could lead to cracking of the lips.

So how now we have outlined a few risks that mens lips face the question is; how do you convince a man to wear lip balm? This can be especially difficult if he sees it as being feminine and isn’t comfortable with it. Well first off present him with the facts as outlined above, once he knows the benefits of a good balm this may be enough to sway him onto the path of better lip care. If he isn’t so easily persuaded step two would be to show him some of the brilliant products out there that are specifically catered for mens’ needs. A lot of the main brands that produce lip balm have a version for men that are fragrance and shine free. Most people wouldn’t even be able to tell he is wearing it. If your man want something that is a little less basic then look for a product made by a mens grooming company. I’ve found some that come in enticing manly flavours such as mojito and crème de menthe! These more stylish labelled products may just be the ticket to show your man that yes real men wear lip balm because grooming companies provide the product!

There are no “best lips balm for men”, but at least there are some options to help him protect his lips. If you have a great lip balm for men leave a comment and let me know.