Types of Sore Lips

Generally if you have chapped or dry lips they don’t tend to hurt. It might be annoying, distracting and unsightly at times though. Sore lips are when they proceed to get worse and they cracked or are close to cracking your lips or you may have some underlying problem occurring.

Localised soreness can often be contributed to a cold sore and following the appropriate treatment this is easily fixed, although they can be a little embarrassing.  There are plenty guides to treatment and avoidance online, its well worth a look. These are also known as herpes simplex virus are is known to be easily spread upon contact with other lips, so be careful!

A canker sore is another possibility and it’s cause is unknown but often attributed to stress, diet or environmental factors. These sores appear on the inside of the mouth, soft palate (the back portion of the roof of your mouth), or inside your cheeks. Not really our speciality! Having a search online should yield detailed results and I would personally visit my GP for further guidance.

Sore Lips

Do yourself a favour and get rid of your petroleum based lip balm if your lips are sore, its a man made by-product and not good for the body. Beeswax is the organic alternative and renewable, for the time being.

Also it is a good idea to let your lips breath, you do not need to wear lip balm all the time! And if you wear lipstick it is often a good idea to opt for a balm instead occasionally to moisturise the lips.

Also avoid foods which aggravate or burn the lips like chilli and spicy foods, especially if they are sore or cracked because it will be painful. On this site we also have a diet plan that could help with all the lip conditions discussed.

Taking good care of your lips is important, a gentle rub in a circular pattern across the lips every day when you wash is great for exfoliating dead skin and keeping your lips smooth, ready for your favourite lip balm.

Image Credit- Genppy