Top Lip Care Sites & Resources

Here at Dry Lips we strive to learn all we can about lips and how to care from them and this journey takes us to some amazing websites with a wealth of knowledge in their own right. Some are just authority sites and others passionate beauty bloggers, I am hoping that they are all of use to you.

Wikipedia- Cheilitis

Wikipedia is as I like to call it, a “global consciousness” where every one chips their knowledge in to benefit each other, obviously there are the occasional mistakes! This page has plenty of descriptions of varying lip conditions, not just Cheillitis as you would think and I do not agree with the use of Vaseline or their description of chapped lips. This is still a very useful webpage and worth a read if you lips are beyond dry.

Burts Bees

Hands down the best organic lip balms producers on the market and they won the no. 1 position in our Top 5 Lip Balms. As I am UK based I will link to the UK site as this is where I have my interaction with the company and their amazing product line but feel free to visit the also if you are US based. This company makes a huge range of products, all using Beeswax and Honey. The lips balms all seem to come with a SPF factor which is very responsible on their part and there is a wide range of flavours. Burts Bees also have glosses, lotions and may other tasty smelling products. We worth a look.

WebMD- Chapped Lips

Although using chapped lips as a generic term, WebMD does have a very helpful article that outlines the main lip problems and why they occur. Information on WedMD is also verified by a Doctor so you can be assured the information is correct, presumably.

Other Sites

If you were to do an internet search for Lip Care Blog using a search engine like Google, you will find a myriad of information from many beauty blogs and sites. Many may however be affiliates for companies but they do provide some useful information on lip care, scrubs, glosses and lipsticks.

Do you know of any other great resources we should add to this list? Please let me know!