Vitamin E for Healing Lips

Vitamin E has long been know for its healing properties when it comes to skin and it only makes sense that it would work on your lips as well. The question is how is the best way to do this?

Vitamin E is a power antioxidant that can; ease mild sunburn, help the skin to heal and can even over time help reduce the appearance of scars. Often available as capsules, the gentle soothing liquid inside can also be used on your lips to help any sores you have heal. People who bite their lips often peel a few layers of skin off as they do so and this takes time to heal and is normally painful in the meantime. Use of vitamin E can help these sores heal much faster than if you were to not use it.

To apply, first wash your lips with warm water using a clean wash cloth. Take your vitamin E capsule and a clean pin (Note- Don’t use your earring!) and pierce the capsule at one end, presuming its oval and not spherical. This will allow you to directly squeeze the Vitamin E directly to your lip, or sore, without the need of using a finger. If, however, you have chapped lips then you can apply it to a clean finger and smear over your lips like you would a lip balm. Leave the oil (which is slightly sticky) on for a while, 5 to 10 minutes should be sufficient, then wash off with a clean wash cloth. Do not lick the oil off your lips and if you do you’ll realise it doesn’t exactly taste nice, although it will not harm you.


The beauty of the capsules is you can keep a few in your makeup bag, ideally in a small pill box along with a pin or needle for application when you are out and about. Vitamin E is also available in bottle form which is more suitable if you use it on a regular basis as part of your beauty regime, whether it be reducing an old scar or once every few days as part of your lip maintenance.

Using vitamin E on a regular basis if you have chronic chapped lips should help improve the quality of the skin on your lips, although not a miracle cure. Using this alongside a decent maintenance regime and exfoliation can make your lips smoother.

If you wish to take advantage of vitamin E and do not want to use an oil or capsules there are a couple of food items you could also apply to your lips like the flesh of sunflower seeds, pine nuts and almonds but this wouldn’t have the same affect as the oil and is probably better to be included as part of your diet to keep all your skin healthy.

Do you use Vitamin E and how has it helped your lips?